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AC Cleaner

Palais Armida, 1 boulevard de Suisse, MC 98000 Monaco-Ville, Monaco

Cleaning and disinfecting of air conditioning , aeraulic systems and thermal evaporator Protocol of intervention exclusive to ACcleaner For 12 years, ACcleaner has been continuously developing an innovating concept for maintaining air conditioning and ventilation systems. ACcleaner’s experience within various industries allowed its concept to adapt to the yachting sector: a sector where health becomes an issue if air conditioning systems are not thoroughly cleaned. *This protocol is applied to all ventilation, extraction and air conditioning systems. It will be adapted based on the machine’s model, accessibility, facilities’ configuration, etc (*) Microbial cleaning: A cleaning (degreasing) process followed by a disinfecting spray-wash. ACCleaner Products : Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are 100% biodegradable. Our customers are guaranteed to breath a clean air, and an air conditioner that blows no chemicals. Reminder : With regards to fire protection, the rules and regulations (Art GC18 and PE19) provide for a cleaning of oily fog extraction circuits at least once a year. ACcleaner offers services and maintenance contracts perfectly adapted to those statutory requirements. Upon completion of the intervention, a certificate of conformity and proper functioning is handed over. An ill-maintained ventilation system cannot only have a significant impact on the users’ health but it can also degrade the facilities, otherwise in good conditions. Maintenance of aeraulic systems guarantees safety, health and comfort.  Show More

Air Conditioning, parts and Refrigeration Water Treatment Systems Divers