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Fire Water Marine Services LLC

3200 S. Andrews Avenue, Suite 106 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 USA
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 6PM, Sat: 8AM - 4PM

Fire Water Marine Services is one of the leading fire & life safety service providers for superyachts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond. Their services include installations, inspections, certification and maintenance of all your vessel’s fire & life safety equipment.

Fire Water Marine Services is built upon trust and dedication to the customers and their safety at sea. Through unwavering experience and education, Fire Water provides the knowledge required to understand the many different facets of the marine fire and safety industry.

With superior knowledge and understanding of the codes and procedures, Fire Water has the experience necessary to inspect the many different types of fire and life safety equipment worldwide. From the many different fixed fire suppression systems to portable extinguishers and life safety equipment, Fire Water Marine Services will always strive to keep you safe and compliant in every application.

“Integrity and Sustainability for Your Safety at Sea"
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Fire Safety/Protection/Prevention Safety Equipment / Inspections / Service and Supply Refit and Repair