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M.C Fine Beer - Monte Carlo Beer

17 Avenue Albert II, 98000 Monaco

Monte Carlo Beer based in Monaco on the French Riviera is an artisanal brewery providing premium quality beer for superyachts worldwide.

Refreshing, thirst-quenching, light and easy to drink” are the keywords describing this beer. In fact, these specific qualities are Monte Carlo Beer's wish to appeal to the greatest number of crowd. The beer also reflects the Mediterranean climate with its mild and refreshing taste. The main goal is to invite people to enjoy this beer in a sociable atmosphere.

Monte Carlo Beer are seeking to attract both the curious and the connoisseurs and want to introduce their beer as “bière de soif” or “session beer”, which thanks to its slight if any bitterness gives a really enjoyable taste. The Monte Carlo Beer stands out in this way thanks to its unique and distinctive taste providing lightness and shared enjoyment.
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