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Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd | France

1501 Rte des Dolines, Le Theleme, 06560 Valbonne
Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd, based in Valbonne, in the South of France, is one of the market-leading providers of next-generation electronic antifouling solutions for superyachts.

The benefits of using UltraSonic Antifouling’s advanced technology to prevent fouling are improved hull performance, fuel savings, reduced lift outs, mid-season scrubs, and hull re-painting, all resulting to cost efficiency. In addition, the solution is eco-friendly and completely harmless to animals, fish, and marine mammals.

The very latest in the Ultrasonic product range is the UltraSystem PowerPlus which has been specifically designed with larger yachts and superyachts in mind. Yachts moored in warm climates where fouling is more prolific can achieve significantly higher levels of anti-fouling protection all year round.

The UltraSystem PowerPlus is the result of 3 years of research, development, and comprehensive testing. This revolutionary new product combines their intelligent and unique ultrasonic software with their advanced digital control program (ADCP) which has the ability to deliver the precise level of ultrasound output to 3 or 4 transducers simultaneously while monitoring temperature, voltage, and output loads.

The UltraSystem PowerPlus takes Ultrasonic Antifouling to a whole new level eradicating waterborne unicellular micro-organisms that otherwise would attach to create bio-film (slime) and algae growth. The ultrasound generator and control program of the UltraSystem PowerPlus has been extensively developed to provide a higher concentration of ultrasound levels to prevent biofouling on the hull and sea chest systems.

The UltraSystem is successfully in use on many superyachts including Baltic, Heeson, CBI Navi, Ferretti as well as the Sunseeker 155 Yacht. As one of the world leaders in the provision of ultrasonic antifouling systems, Ultrasonic Antifouling Limited can provide expert advice on your specific application.
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