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11654 Plaza America Suite 709 Reston, VA, United States of America

VesselVanguard is an automated and cloud-based maintenance management application that provides clarity to superyacht managers, captain and crew seeking knowledge and control over task management, maintenance and inspection events.

Over 11,000 boat owners, operators, and fleet managers around the world rely on VesselVanguard to provide digital notification, assignment, and completion of routine, non-routine, and corrective tasks for equipment systems and user-defined requirements.

Functions, features, and support include:
• Profile set-up and document provisioning performed by VesselVanguard staff
• Pre-programmed task notifications with descriptive details
• Unlimited Users with permissions-based access to profile details
• Searchable stores and inventory, Digital manuals, Equipment warranty schedules
• Custom checklist creation with crew assignment feature
• Mobile application with offline functionality
• Intuitive Interface, customer phone support, tutorials & videos on-demand

VesselVanguard take pride in supporting their customers around the world to simplify task management and document organization turning Best Guess, into Best Practice.

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Technical Management and Support IT / Computer Services Maintenance and Task Management Solutions