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Yacht-Mate Products

3200 S Andrews Ave. No.105 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM (or call for appointment)

Yacht-Mate Products, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the water and air treatment specialist serving Superyachts worldwide.

Their services include: Water Softeners portable or installed single or twin tank with new Fill Fast heavy metal remover, Pure Filter cartridges, Watermakers Tecnicomar & Blue Water including the NEW BlueWater Clear-Mate mobile or installed Units, Odor Control Hydroxyl Generators & GelAir, Viqua UV Sterilizers, IceSea FLaked Ice, ECOmar, ALL Marine Filters, Anchors, 3M Water filters Filters, John Guest & Shark Bite fittings MM to inch, Dockside Accessories, and much more, selling, servicing and installing all products they offer.

Yacht-Mate Products in its 20th year of business providing state-of-the-art water and air treatment equipment. They have a showroom and warehouse offering everything from simple water filters to small package sewage treatment plants and everything in between.

They offer water-softening systems for processing dock water, and freshwater reverse osmosis systems with dockside and installed systems.

These systems are membrane-based so they remove all total dissolved solids/parts per million.

They recommend UV sterilizers or silver ion systems and drinking water systems for cooking and ice. This reduces bottled water storage, cost and waste onboard.

Yacht-Mate Products offer a variety of other systems too. Please view their website or give them a call!
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Air Conditioning, parts and Refrigeration Sanitation Systems/Bio products/Biodegradable/Organic certified products Water Makers