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Polishing and Wood Finishing

80 services


Azznu provide Hi-Tech Surface Treatments, Specialized Cleaning Solutions
Gel Coat Repairs Antifouling, Paint and Ultrasonic Paint and Varnishing


Ferton Marine is specialised in polishing, ceramic coating, antifouling, and painting of superyachts with a presence in all the ports of Mallorca, Spain.
Protective Coatings Surface Treatment Polishing and Wood Finishing

Pinmar Finishing

From Pinmar's bases in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, and in many other countries including the USA,they have been repainting the world’s finest superyachts...
Refit and Repair Interior Refit and Repair Polishing and Wood Finishing

Pure Restorations

Yacht cleaning and maintenance services for your yacht.
Carpets / Rugs / Upholstering and fitting Air and Odour Treatments Polishing and Wood Finishing


Nahar offers wooden flooring which are absolute elegant and aesthetically appealing that suit your taste.
Polishing and Wood Finishing Flooring


Fortinox is a specialist welding company delivering a high standard of work at a competitive price.
Polishing and Wood Finishing Refit and Repair Engraving and Fabrication


Interlux is a North America’s leading supplier of boat paint maintenance solutions to help protect, beautify and improve your boat’s performance.
Paint and Varnishing Composites, GRP and Fiberglass Polishing and Wood Finishing


AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.
Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing


Since 1973 Carpinser have been providing a team of craftsman whose talents include shipwright carpentry, high end construction, expertise in cabinetry and custo...
Carpentry and Joinery Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing


Marineware is a supplier of marine industry consumables and logistic support.
Paint and Varnishing Composites, GRP and Fiberglass Chandlers

RMP Marine

With the feedback from Captains, Crew and Manufacturers RMP Marine have been able to develop leading protective coatings for all types of surfaces.
Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing Surface Treatment

Seadub Ltd

Seadub is a team of precision engineers who design and manufacture parts for the marine industry.
General Engineering Composites, GRP and Fiberglass Refit and Repair

Mirotone NZ

Mirotone is a leading supplier of surface coatings to protect and beautify interior and exterior wood and a variety of other substrates.
Paint and Varnishing Gel Coat Repairs Polishing and Wood Finishing

PH Fairings

PH Fairings has a team who has spent many years accumulating extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the yacht industry. Fairing, Finishing and Pai...
Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing

A Yat Servis

A Yat Servis provides you with a service that follows the latest innovations and materials, and it also offers painting, carpenter-furniture, electric-electroni...
Carpentry and Joinery Paint and Varnishing Mechanical

BVI Painters

Welcome to BVI Painters, the British Virgin Islands premier marine refinishers and fiberglass experts.
Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing Composites, GRP and Fiberglass

Daphne Marin

Daphne Marin offers technical supports and services as electrical, electronics and painting.
Remote Support and Technical Assistance Mechanical Polishing and Wood Finishing

Map Yachting

From the tech industry, aviation and spacial, paints Map Yachting ensure perfect protection time and exceptional quality finish.
Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing

Marine Clean

Marine Clean is a marine detailing business and offers all aspects of marine detailing and maintenance.
Chandlers Polishing and Wood Finishing Cleaning Equipment / Corrosion Control

Elridy West H

Elridy West H Yacht are varnishing, painting & polishing specialists who consider every boat as a masterpiece which needs to be treated with respect and the hig...
Carpentry and Joinery Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing