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Prototyping / 3D Rendering

9 services

Astrati Srl

Astrati provides all additive manufacturing services: 3D modeling, 3D design, 3D scanning, topological optimization, consulting on different technologies and di...
Prototyping / 3D Rendering Custom Furniture and Product Design

3D Tech Palma

3DTech, based in Palma de Mallorca, provides bespoke design and engineering services for superyachts specialising in custom composite and metal components, refi...
Prototyping / 3D Rendering Design / Engineering

RC Aeropassion

RC-Aeropassion is a RC shop & building company in Cannes. Also provide 3D printing for small parts.
Prototyping / 3D Rendering

Team designs

Team designs deliver high quality 3D rendering services in two major cities in Australia, namely Sydney and Melbourne.
Prototyping / 3D Rendering

Urban Voyage

Urban Voyage Studios is a 2D/3D Animation company specialising in design and pre-production services for film and television.
Project Management and Consultancy Prototyping / 3D Rendering

Grupo Visualiza

Grupo Visualiza is a company dedicated to 3D rendering, Scaning, 3D Printinging and Modelling.
Prototyping / 3D Rendering

Intuition Yachts

After years of learning, Intuition Yachts is ready to meet the customers' needs by providing complex design and modelling services.
Refit and Repair Exterior Refit Design and Furnishings

Peter Lowe Design

For over 25 years Peter Lowe Design has very much been a part of the boat building industry in Australia with experience in the design and construction of vesse...
General Engineering Project Management and Consultancy Prototyping / 3D Rendering

Infinity 3D Printing

Infinity 3D Printing is one of the largest suppliers of 3D printers and filaments across Australia. They stock a range of 3D printers that are high quality, eff...
Prototyping / 3D Rendering